Restricted Zone Trust (foreigners aquiring properties in Mexico)

It is the legal instrument by which foreign individuals and companies in México can purchase beaches and border properties (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), given the restriction in the Mexican Federal Constitution which restricts foreigners buy property directly in a 50 kilometers zone of our beaches and 100 kilometers zone of Mexican borders.


  • The lowest bank trust fees in the market;
  • Trust is formalized before a Notary Public and is enrolled in both public registry as National Foreign Investment Registry;
  • The Foreigner (Trust Beneficiary) is the holder of the full rights in the Trust and decision maker as full owner through the Trust;
  • On instructions from the Foreigner (Trust Beneficiary), the Trust Property may be offered as collateral for obtaining loans of Financial Institutions in Mexico or abroad;
  • Testamentary clause that allows heirs to avoid trials in Mexico and abroad, the easiest and not expensive way to transfer your property in Mexico to your heirs.



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